Using Internet Website Materials to communicate risk

In addition to the normal written information the interned or CDs can be used to communicate with the consumer. All the guidance given for brochures and leaflets also applies to the internet, in addition the following should be considered:

  • Be brief and use pictures or maps to illustrate your point.  It's best to start with your conclusion and then give more details further on. 
  • Provide a search engine so that people can quickly access the information they need.  Also, organize your information in a logical way.
  • Reference all of your information and provide links to other sources of information, including those that present different views on the same ideas.
  • In order to keep this as two-way communication provide a contact.




Adapted from OECD Guidance Document on Risk Communication for Chemical Risk Management

The web and other electronic channels of communication rely on speed and comprehensibility
Source: Thailand Stockhold Convention Focal Point Website -
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